Window Frame Business

We offer beautiful, functional, unique and comfortable living spaces.

“Make living spaces more comfortable” – under this concept, we offer aluminum building materials, which are excellent in design quality, convenience, security, safety and heat insulating property and suitable for barrier-free design. They are environmentally-conscious materials with a function to utilize the natural ventilation of wind and air flow. The high functionality of the materials makes them ideally suited for office buildings and condominiums, which are being constructed with ever-increasing heights. These materials contribute to the creation of comfortable living spaces even in harsh environments.

Curtain Walls

Nihon Keisou provides curtain walls in addition to aluminum window frames. While a window frame is the frame of a window mounted in an opening of a wall, a curtain wall is a wall-like partition consisting of a set of window frames. Curtain walls can be arranged freely. Although a curtain wall is a wall, it allows sunlight to pass through and therefore, it can be used in many ways. For example, the can be used as window frames or as walls of high-rise buildings, condominiums, stores, etc.

Main Products

Aluminum Building Materials

Window frames(LIXIL Corporation), front window frames, handrails, gates, window grates, aluminum panels, curtain walls, etc.

Other Building Materials

Steel door fittings, entrance doors, stainless steel door fittings, inner window frames, etc.

Nihon Keisou Co., Ltd. is an exclusive dealership of LIXIL Corporation.

Leave everything to us – from estimation and design to construction and maintenance.

●Preparation of an estimate
●Price negotiation
●Preparation of drawings
●Approval of drawings
Business Operations
●Review of drawings
●Preparation of products
●Management of delivery dates
●On-site process control
●Construction management
●Periodic inspection

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ALC Business

ALC boards and extrusion molded boards used for high-rise buildings and commercial facilities are available from Nihon Keisou.

Renovation Business

We repair, renovate, and maintain water supply systems.

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