ALC Business

Creation of a Sophisticated and Safe Environment
with New Materials and Techniques

We are mainly engaged in carrying out exterior work of high-rise buildings using ALC boards and cement boards and supplying exterior materials. We design exterior materials such as window frames and curtain walls and determine their specifications in accordance with the design and completed picture of a building and order necessary materials from manufacturers. The building materials we use are novel materials and so-called “third materials,” which take the place of iron and concrete. Third materials are certified by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism as base materials for the frames of buildings.

Features of ALC Boards and Extrusion Molded Cement Boards

The major advantage of ALC boards and extrusion molded cement boards is their light weight. Since their weight is approximately one-fourth of conventional concrete, they contribute to the reduction of building weight and the effects of earthquakes. Moreover, they have superior heat insulating properties. Their heat insulating performance is almost equal to that of conventional concrete at the same thickness. These features make them ideally suited for high-rise buildings and commercial facilities.

Main Products

ALC boards (Clion Co., Ltd)、and extrusion molded cement boards (Nozawa Corporation)

Nihon Keisou Co., Ltd. is an exclusive dealership of Clion CO., Ltd.

Leave everything to us – from estimation and design to construction and maintenance.

●Preparation of an estimate
●Price negotiation
●Preparation of drawings
●Approval of drawings
Business Operations
●Review of drawings
●Preparation of products
●Management of delivery dates
●On-site process control
●Construction management
●Periodic inspection

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Window Frame Business

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Renovation Business

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